Raghu Parvatha

Senior Analytics Engineer

Cloud Engineer | Data Engineer | Analytics Engineer | Big Data | Business Intelligence | Business Analysis and Reporting |ETL Developer

Data Engineering Professional with experience integrating analytics capacity into functional areas and generating predictive information that enhances product sales for Fortune 500 organizations. Adept at leveraging problem-solving skills and best practices to ensure standards and efficient delivery of solutions. Skilled at identifying patterns and trends, creating intuitive dashboards and reports, consulting with data users, and delivering savvy operations tools.



Microsoft Business Intelligence Suite| Google Analytics| DataStage| MS SQL Server 2008| Data Integration, Transformation (ETL)| Informatica| Business Objects

  • From : Austin, TX
  • Provided Upon Request
  • Eligible to work in the USA



2018- Ongoing


Data Cloud Engineer

• Developed a POC using data pipelines in Oracle Cloud to mitigate data security issues and increase the efficiency of data querying by providing millions of rows of data in fraction of seconds, reducing query time by 60%.

• Working with customers to provide them an end-to-end solution to migrate their on-premise solution to Oracle data cloud by building data pipelines ranging from data wrangling, streaming data sources, data mining, data visualization, applying machine learning models and predictive analytics.

• Building and deploying POCs using SaaS ,IaaS and PaaS services. to events and campaigns to develop awareness and interest in the Oracle Public Cloud among existing and potential customers across enterprise, commercial, public sector and SMB segments.

• Presenting new solutions in cloud environment to articulate Oracle products’ strengths, features and benefits.

2016- 2018

Lattice Engines

Senior Analytics Engineer

•Reported a return on investment (ROI) dashboard in Tableau that helps in renewal of our licenses by providing performance metrics such as growth in the past year, lead conversions and financial analysis.

•Took ownership and automated the data profile process that helps reduce reaction time by 60%. The process creates detailed data analysis of the files received from clients that include joining two tables and their statistics.

•For US Foods, implemented a process in python which searches given keywords in websites such as menu items and answers business questions like "what farm produce items are highly used and by which customers".

•Created a python script that is used in delivering result set to the customers throughout the company, utilizing the Bing and Google APIs to search input keywords and fetch top three URLs.

2015- 2016

Lattice Engines

Analytics Engineer II

•Dealt with 750 million records for Dell quarterly, identifying and resolving issues related to data gathering and building statistical models using Python.

•Developed plays, i.e., SQL code to provide Dell with leads to generate about 30% increased volume of product sales. Reported results using Tableau for effective visualization of data for the clients.

2014- 2015

Lattice Engines

Analytics Engineer I

•Executed complex database analytics for Staples, an office supplies retail company, with about 23 million records weekly, to deliver predictive analytics that cater to decision making for the business.

•Automated the refresh process for ODP and ODP Canada quarterly by developing Python scripts and bat files that condensed the time taken by 25%.

•Delivered end-to-end results by gathering data from VMware servers using Python scripts, running plays, refreshing results and loading the data into Sales Prism for ease of use.


Highway Safety Research Group

Data Consultant

•Developed packages in SSIS to cleanse data using transformations, obtained from the State Police Department to analyze crash data statistics.

•Created a SQL schedule job that automates the generation of reports for crash data from a remote system, while saving it on the server and archiving the data, saving 60% of the data retrieval time.

•Worked on shell prompt to fetch system data and built customized regex component for data cleansing in C#

•Converted the crash data packages to BIML packages, making them fast and efficient to port onto other systems.


Infosys Limited

Database Analyst

• Created work flows for AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company, for first of its kind development. Was involved in requirements gathering and planning the phases of the SDLC development cycle, which contributed .

• Developed ETL jobs for Operational Data store of Standard Bank and reported data accounting to instant transaction updates to the account. Dealing with time-sensitive data, the application was made sure to be 99% accurate.

• Worked with group of engineers to provide domain expertise for building internal solutions, which improved the quality of the software processes by 30%.


Tejomayi Schools

Student Director

•Served as a primary communicator to the students and parents regarding the overall activities undertaken for the benefit of the students.

•Played a fundamental role in planning and developing the schedules for the staff and students and providing a comfortable environment that facilitates both educational and extracurricular activities.

•Undertook innovative marketing activities to improve the quality of students joining the school and ensured feedback from all the 1100 students is inculcated in the services provided.

•Introduced the foreign language “German” into the curriculum to provide value-added education that accounts to satisfy the globalization objective for the school.



Website Programmer and Mobile App Developer

• Designed websites for school portal and business management using tools such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign and implemented the same using Dreamweaver.

• Implemented websites with technologies like HTML5/CSS3 for clients like Shailis, Xtreme & Tejomayi Schools.

• Developed mobile applications such as Event Planner, Travel Itinerary and created web browser themes for Google Chrome using Photoshop and Google API.



Louisiana State University

United States

Courses Completed : Design and Analysis of Algorithms | Information and Data Retrieval | Knowledge Discovery | Image Processing | Advanced Database Management Systems | Scientific Computing | Program Analysis | Model Checking | Machine Learning| Sensor Networks| Business Communications & Network Information Systems.


Vellore Institute of Techology



Raghu Parvatha

  • From: Austin,TX
  • Provided Upon Request
  • raghuparvatha@gmail.com
  • Facebook: Raghu